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Why only Thakorji is worth taking refuge...a logical proof

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 21, 2008 6:27 pm    Post subject: Why only Thakorji is worth taking refuge...a logical proof Reply with quote

Jai Sri Krishna

Aashray-Refuge. Only Krishna is worth worshipping (doing Bhakti) and worth going in his refuge (Ashray). Lets us prove it indirectly. Let us assume that the statement is false. Then who is worth worshipping?

Humans? (E.g. Mother, Father, others)
The ones whom we call parents and relatives and friends, are they really our friends? Or the relation with them is limited to ‘this’ body? Your mother, father, etc are mother and father to your body. In previous birth, someone else would have been your parents. Say if you were a dog in previous birth, then your parents would have been a dog and a bitch. In birth previous to that you might have been an elephant or even a human? So, who are your real parents? Your present ones, the dog pair or the elephant pair? Who?
None ! none of them. You can understand the logic.
So definitely, humans are not worth worshipping or going in for refuge.

Demi-gods? (Dev and Devis E.g. Shiva, Ganesh, Shanidev, Kali, Durga, etc)
What are they capable of giving? Material pleasures? What higher can you get from them? Punya (the Paap-Punya that we usually talk of). But that Punya is also short-lived. After you have enjoyed the fruits for all the Punya that you have earned, you are back to zero. Then the cycle starts again. Also the fruits of your Punya are going to be materialistic. Nothing spiritual.
So we see that even the Demi-gods are also not worth worshipping if you aspire something divine.
However, if you are satisfied with this, go ahead….

Partial Incarnations? (E.g. Ram, Vaaman, Narsingh, etc)
Worshipping partial incarnations, as their name goes, will only give you limited Anand. We hear a lot about Ram. Lot of people worship Lord Ram. Even he is called MaryadaPurushottam (Maryada-limited, Purush-being, Uttam-great). You will always hear people referring him by this name. I do not need to discuss more on this… you must have got the point.

Akshar Brahman? (Who is achieved by meditation,etc… the infinite, formless form of GOD)
The Akshar Brahman has Ganitanand (finite bliss). Besides, when you attain him, you become one with the infinity and loose yourself. How can then you feel and enjoy the Anand-Pleasure?

From all the above, we conclude that none of them is worth worshipping.

Thus the only one left is Krishna. So why worship Him? The answer lies below....

Sarvamaargeshu nasteshu, kaloucha khaldharmini
Paakhndaprachure loke, Krishna eva gatirmama (1)

In this malignant age of Kaliyuga,when all the paths leading to God are obscured, and people are hypocrites, Lord Shri Krishna is my only eternal refuge.

Mlechaakrantesu desesu paapaikalinayesu cha
Satpeedavgralokeshu, Krishna eva gatirmama (2)

When the country is afflicted by the "Mlechhas" (non-Hindu, meat-eaters, who donot accept the authority of the Vedas, e.g. Muslims, Christians, ant many of the so called Hindus also) and has become an abode of sinners, the good amongst them suffer a great deal. At such a time, the Lord Shri Krishna is my only eternal refuge.

Gangaaditeerth varyeshu dustairevaavrutesviha
Tirohitadhidaiveshu, Krishna eva gatirmama (3)

When holy places, such as the Ganges, are surrounded by wicked people, and the gods that reside in such places have abandoned them, Lord Shri Krishna is my only eternal refuge.

Ahankaarvimoodhesu satsu paapaanuvartisu
Laabhpoojartyatnesu, Krishna eva gatirmama (4)

When even the intelligent people are full of pride and are following the path of wickedness, and, when all worship of the Gods is done purely for selfish benefit, let Lord Shri Krishna be my only eternal refuge.

Aparigyananastesu mantreswavratyogisu
Tirohitaarthdevesu, Krishna eva gatirmama (5)

When the true knowledge of the Vedas and other scriptures has been forgotten, when, by chanting great mantras we are unable to invoke the gods of the respective mantras*, at such a time, Lord Shri Krushna is my only eternal refuge.
( * Gods will only answer mantras and prayers when the devotee prays with true devotion, devoid of all hypocrisy, false pride and selfishness. As stated in the shlokas above, this has already occurred amongst the best of us. As a direct result of this, the Gods have abandoned their respective abodes (holy places, temples, rivers, lakes etc.) and mantras. This is all due to the evil effects of the Kali Yuga and how that has affected the minds of all people. )

Naanaavaadvnastesu sarvakarmavrataadisu
Paakhandaikprayatnesu, Krishna eva gatirmama (6)

When sectarian ideas are splitting us apart, when all good and pious karmas are also done with hypocrisy at their heart, let Lord Shri Krishna be my only eternal refuge.

Ajamiladhidoshanam, nashakonubhave sthitah,
Jyapitakhilamahatmyah, Krishna eva gatirmama. (7)

Lord Shri Krshna is kind and benevolent. Out of infinite kindness, He has destroyed a multitude of sins of such evil sinners as Ajamil* ! And all this for accidentally reciting His holy name ! Let such great Lord Shri Krishna be my only eternal refuge.

*(Ajamil was a wicked, dishonest man. Throughout his life, he never ever chanted the holy name. He lived his entire life enjoying material pleasures. On his deathbed he lay thinking of his youngest son called Narayana (a name of Krishna), and while doing so he died. Since he had not done any act of piety in his life, the yamadoots came to take him. Just then the vishnudoots arrived and demanded that they shall take his soul. He is liberated, since he remembered GOD in his deathbed. Thus, inadvertently he found liberation.)

Prakrutahsakala deva, ganitanandakam bruhat,
Purnanado haristasmat, Krishna eva gatirmama. (Cool

All lesser deities are embodiment of the prakriti (nature), and are hence limited in their power. Even the greater Gods and demi gods can only bestow limited amount of bliss and happiness. Only the Lord Hari (a name of Krishna) is capable of bestowing infinite bliss. Hence, let Lord Shri Krushna be my only eternal refuge.

Vivekadhirayabhatyadi rahitasya vishashatah,
Papasaktasya dinasya, Krishna eva gatirmama. (9)

My Lord, I am bereft of "vivek", ie power of discrimination, and I have no "dhairya" ie patience. I am addicted to sinful actions and am a wretch beyond description. Yet, with a sincere heart I request the Lord Shri Krushna to be my only eternal refuge.

Sarvasamarthyasahitah, sarvatraivakhilarthakrut,
Sharanasthasamudharam, Krishna eva gatirmama. (10)

Lord Krushna, who is omnipotent, omnipresent and saviour of all those who seek His protection, unto that great Lord, I submit this request for my aashray-refuge.

Krishnashryamidam stotram, yah pathete Krishnasannidhau,
Tasyashrayo bhavet Krishna, ite Shri Vallabhobravit. (11)

He who recites this Krishnashraya (prayer seeking refuge of the Lord Shri Krishna) in the presence of the Lord, will be graced with divine protection, so sayeth Shri Vallabhacharyaji.

Thus only He is worth worshipping and worth going in his refuge. Only He can give the real, complete-Purnanand.

(The Krishnashray translation is borrowed from Shyamdasji)
Sri Vallabh, kab tum kahoge yeh jeev hamare....?
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PostPosted: Tue May 20, 2008 11:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Jai jai shri gokulesh

Vallabhdasji, I really njoyed ur posting but just have 1 doubt. When u say

"Only Krishna is worth worshipping (doing Bhakti) and worth going in his refuge (Ashray)"

So do this means that the bhakti which other devotees (Who take refuge of other god's) does is not that worth??
Shri Vallabha Charan Vina Sharan Koni Jaou.....Shri Vitthala Nam Vina Mantra Kya Thi Paou......Shri Vallabha Charan Vina Sharan Koni Jaou.....
Unnati M. Kadakia
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